Why is Advent Important?

Advent as it is known in the West, or the Nativity Fast as it's known in the East, was put in place for us by the Ancient Church. It is a joyous fast in anticipation of the Nativity of Christ. It is a time when we prepare ourselves for His birth through introspection and prayer. The fast is often referred to as a three legged stool, as it is anchored in abstaining from certain foods including meat and dairy, increased prayer, and alms-giving. Advent is important because the Nativity of Christ is a great feast, and preparing ourselves in advance keeps the focus on Him rather than worldly demands.

Join your host Cynthia Damaskos from Holistic Christian Life for a program that supports your Advent journey. Cynthia provides tools that will help you along the way, including interviews with priests and authors for inspiration and encouragement. As a certified Health Coach, Cynthia also wants to make sure that you are eating well and handling what can be a stressful time of year in a healthy way. It's a program for mind and body...but especially soul as we look forward to the birth of Christ.

What Does My Beautiful Advent Provide?

My Beautiful Advent is designed to eliminate the stress of feeling as though an extra layer is being added to an already tapped out life...and simplify it. Our community strives to inspire and support your intentions of being fully present during one of the most beautiful seasons in the ancient Christian liturgical cycle.

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What to eat everyday, including recipes and grocery lists. Two months without meat and dairy, and at times fish and oil? We have you covered! The menus will keep you healthy, energized and worry free about what to cook. This year's guest meal planner is Lynne Wardach, author of the new book "The ByziMom's Guide to Great Fast Meals: A Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Approach to Eastern Christian Fasting." She knows the key to healthy eating is to create meal plans for her family, and has first hand knowledge on how healthy eating during the fast can promote health!
This is one of our most loved features! Each day a quote from a Saint will appear, and an opportunity to practice structured and silent prayer will be offered. A daily exercise component via video with professional trainer Kosmas McLean from The Orthodox Fitness and Health Mission is new this year. You'll want to come here each day!
Don't spend 40 days eating "fast friendly" junkfood! It will only lead you toward the Nativity with higher stress, lower energy, and a compromised immune system. Cynthia Damaskos offers a weekly coaching session through interviews with other health coaches, doctors, etc, on a topic related to health of mind and body. These interviews will give you tools that will last a lifetime. Plus, you have an option to have your own personal plan developed based on your individual needs. If you choose the Personalized Plan, Cynthia will call during the program to set up a 1 hour health assessment, and create a plan just for you, based on your unique goals.
Interviews with priests, deacons, authors, etc., who will teach, inspire and support you during the journey. This year we have some wonderful interviews in store for you including, Fr. Hans Jacobse, Fr. Silviu Bunta, Mother Macrina, Dr. Timothy Patitsas, Fr. Paul Abernathy, and Fr. Dimitrie Vincent. They all have a special message for you, as we focus on the beauty of our faith, and the Church as a place of healing.
Do you feel alone during the fast, as many friends and family members focus on the secular trappings of the season? A private Facebook page is set up as an optional place to go to meet with Cynthia, converse with like-minded friends around the world, and share the journey leading up to the birth of Christ. The ability to communicate with each other is also available on the members only portion of the My Beautiful Advent website.

What Past Participants Have Said

I really liked how it helped expand my Advent journey into the rest of my life, beyond church services. All-in-all I think MBA helped me to have a very rich, rewarding Advent. - DL
I love having the meal plans. Even if I don't follow it exactly, it forces me to think about planning my week out. Foodwise, this year is such a stress-free Advent. - JM

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  • I enjoyed the Health Coaching sessions, which got me thinking about some basic healthy habits that I was neglecting. I appreciate that Rita & Cynthia were so open about their own spiritual practices, which inspired me to pick up my game. - TM
  • The Daily Ascesis quotes are 'doable' bites of nourishment that I look forward to. Also the health coaching and interviews, but more than that, it was the opportunity to experience a kind of 'fellowship' during Advent on my own schedule. - SV

It all starts November 15th!

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It all starts November 15th!


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